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    Brexit and UK outbound

    It is still early days, the impact of the decline in the purchasing value fo the £ has not yet worked through, the larger companies have hedged into next year buying € & $ ahead. But unless the £ recovers, which seems very unlikely, holidays will cost more next year. For smaller companies who have not hedged a 10% decline in the value of sterling hits their margins very hard. First Choice, the home of all-inclusive holidays has released new research which has found almost 60% of us feel in desperate need of a break and some political respite after the nation voted to leave the EU at the end of June.…

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    Maybe economic efficiency is not all it’s cracked up to be

    Neil Irwin writing in today’s New York Times has suggested that the chasm opening up on both sides of the Atlantic is between the economic elite who favour a “dynamic globalized economy” – bankers, trade negotiators, international business people and mainstream political leaders. “Efficiency sounds great in theory. What kind of monster doesn’t want to optimize possibilities, minimize waste and make the most of finite resources? But the economic and policy elite may like efficiency a lot more than normal humans do.” ” Perhaps the pursuit of ever higher gross domestic product misses a fundamental understanding of what makes most people tick.” There has been a rejection of expert opinion in the…

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    Muddling through Brexit – still no one knows what will happen

    What happened? 10 days on it is still hard to make sense of what has happened. It is clear that those who voted for Brexit wanted to send a message to the Westminster and Whitehall establishment, to some extent the Brexit vote had some of the characteristics of a by-election rebellion. At least some of those who voted for Brexit were just wanting to protest and they did not expect or want to win – and they are saying so to camera. Ipsos Mori interviewed 1,077 people poll for BBC Newsnight on 29th and 30th June. 5% of Leave voters would now reverse their vote 2% of Remain voters would…

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