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    New Zealand is a country which takes the yield and distribution of its tourism seriously

      New Zealand is a country which takes its tourism seriously – the Ministry of Business, Innovations and Employment publishes monthly data on spend by domestic and international tourists. It does this because it needs to monitor the success, or otherwise, of Tourism New Zealand’s efforts to grow the tourism yield and improve its distribution throughout the country. Contrast this with the primitive focus on arrivals in much international discussion of tourism. The Ministry of Business, Innovations and Employment is not the line ministry for Tourism New Zealand. They take a more whole of government approach to tourism in New Zealand – and it works. Despite New Zealand being one…

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    Cultural Heritage Restoration and Community Benefits

    Last night Libby Owen Edmunds, an alumni of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism, spoke about the work of the Aga Khan’s development agencies in Baltistan in northern Pakistan. Baltistan borders the Gilgit Agency in the west, the Xinjiang Autonomous Region (China) in the north, Ladakh in the east, and the Kashmir Valley in the south, a cross roads on the silk route the Mir of Hunza, from his Fort at Baltit,  had a trade agreement with the Emperor of China. The Aga Khan has been assisting with the restoration of the cultural monuments of this remote community, with its unique culture,  for more than twenty years. Libby ha been…

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    Child protection is a key challenge for the tourism industry

    Child protection was raised at WTM in 2011 when Michael Horton of ConCERT in Cambodia raised the issue of tourism’s role in fuelling the orphanage industry in Siem Reap. By bringing travellers and tourists to Siem Reap the industry has inadvertently played a significant role in creating demand for orphanages from visitors and volunteers who want to make a difference. Orphanage owners have seized the opportunity; children have become an asset, ‘orphan’ children are  used to secure payments from tourists who want to make a difference. 72% of the children in Cambodian orphanages are reported not to be orphans, tourists have unwittingly encouraged child trafficking resulting in children being removed from…

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    The 2013 World Responsible Tourism Awards

    The 2013 World Responsible Tourism Awards, sponsored by Oman, were announced today at World Travel Market. This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Responsible Tourism Awards with the Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Tourism, run previously with First Choice (2004-6) and more recently with Virgin Holidays (2007-2012). In the last 10 years, the Awards have come of age. They have been rebranded as the World Responsible Tourism Awards, the headline sponsor’s recognition no longer extends to their name being included in the Awards’ title and 2013 has seen a much more extensive and diverse range of partners and sponsors. A look back at the first ten years of…

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    Social Responsibility & Tourism

    Since the first major UN conference addressed the challenge of what we now know as sustainable development in 1972, we have understood that it is essential to balance environment and development.  What began as Environment Day at World Travel Market has evolved to address the much broader agenda of Responsible Tourism. This year the Responsible Tourism programme at WTM includes sessions on employment in the travel and tourism industry, local economic development, child protection, access for people with disabilities and volunteering, as well as sessions on two of the big environmental issues: carbon and water. Our panellists are predominantly leaders from the sector, including Martin Brackenbury, Mark Tanzer,  Ufi Ibrahim,…

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    Harold Goodwin has moved to Manchester Metropolitan University

    Harold Goodwin is now Professor of Responsible Tourism at MMU, joining Professor John Swarbooke. He is heading the new Centre for Responsible Tourism at MMU. The Centre will offer a cutting-edge MSc in Responsible Tourism from February 2014 designed for professionals wanting to make a difference in tourism it will enable Masters students to learn with, and from, current leaders. The research will focus on responsible business, destination management, human rights and labour conditions, local economic development and poverty reduction through tourism. MMU is sponsoring the ICRT by including some days for the International Centre for Responsible Tourism on Harold Goodwin’s timetable – the ICRT will grow apace. Please follow…

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